Holly Brown

wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend…

About Holly

Ask for someone who knows how to get the most out of life and I’ll introduce you to Holly Brown, my beautiful wife.

Skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, CrossFit, mission work, yoga, Warrior Dash…..you name it….she’s probably done it.

It’s not only the way she views and lives life that attracts people to her but also the unseen aura that presents itself when you are with her. It’s unexplainable but I’ve actually witnessed people that barely know her completely open up and tell her secrets or ask for advise on very personal matters. Meet her, and you’ll simply want more.

Holly is strong yet gentle. One of the countless examples of this happened just last Christmas season.. Our five year old, Stone, slid into our 250 pound floor mirror in the living room causing it to start to fall…headed straight towards him. With a room full of family, it was Holly (while her back was to it) who sensed the danger and turned and caught the mirror by throwing her body over Stone and absorbing the entire crash on her back. Her innate and decisive action kept that mirror from hitting Stone but caused herself a dislocated shoulder that later needed very serious surgery. Her gentle side was soon seen to all as the men in the room lifted the mirror off both Holly and Stone, and Holly held him like a safe blanket calming him down as he was naturally scared. She truly is our family’s Momma Bear.

Through Holly’s love I have become closer to God, in turn allowing me to see and feel true unconditional love. I am forever a better Man because of her. She is my beautiful everything and I am so honored that I get to experience this incredible life with her by my side and me by hers.

-Kayce Brown (Holly’s husband)